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Are you a first-time home buyer? Don't be afraid of spending money on a home that needs repairs. Certified Home Inspections, LLC is a top-quality home inspection company in Collinsville, Mississippi. Our team of experienced home inspectors will explain the process to you to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed purchase. We do our best to give you as much data as possible about your property to make the home-buying experience easy. We'll even give you a buy-back guarantee: If we inspect your home and you find something that we missed within 90 days, we'll buy the home back from you.

The Home Inspection Report and Your Create Request List (CRL) Tool

We use a 2800-plus item checklist to perform our inspections and then utilize HomeGauge software to generate our inspection reports. We not only provide our customers with a physical copy of their report (delivered at a sit-down meeting to go over the inspection findings), but an electronic copy as well. Both the print and electronic versions of our reports feature large color photos, details about the home, and suggestions for future home maintenance. The electronic version of our reports also features a digital Create Request List (CRL) tool. This interactive feature of the inspection report allows you to easily assemble a project list directly from our findings and share it with your realtor.


HomeGauge Home Inspection Software


We offer a variety of inspection services

Are you buying a new home? Save money by getting indoor air quality testing done before you buy. Maybe you want to sell your home. A pre-listing inspection can make your home more appealing to potential buyers. We can also perform a building inspection on your commercial property.

Rely on the home inspection company that does it all-work with Certified Home Inspections in Collinsville, Mississippi. Call today.

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When you need a home inspection done, don't rely on amateurs. Our three-man team is made up of board-certified master inspectors who have worked in the industry for over twelve years.

We are fully licensed, with certifications from:


  • Mississippi Home Inspector Board
  • Mississippi Residential Builders
  • Mississippi State Department of Health
  • Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board
  • Federal Housing Administration








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