air quality inspector Collinsville & Meridian, MS

Make Sure the Air You Breathe is Safe

Get indoor air quality testing done in Collinsville & Meridian, MS

Is the quality of your indoor air up to par? If not, you could be risking your health. An air quality inspection from Certified Home Inspections, LLC in Collinsville, Mississippi can reveal unseen toxins in your air. We'll take outside and inside samples from the front and back of your home, then send them to a lab to be analyzed. You'll receive a full report of your home's air quality.

Find out what's in the air you're breathing by getting an inspection done by Certified Home Inspections in Collinsville, Mississippi.

Is your air dangerously contaminated?

If you have allergy symptoms when you're in your home, they may be caused by tainted indoor air. Our indoor air quality testing will reveal if your air is contaminated by:

  • Asbestos
  • Combustible gases
  • Mold and mildew
  • Dust and dander

We also offer indoor air quality testing for homebuyers so you can make sure your new home has safe and clean air. Save money by getting an air quality inspection before you buy your next home. Call 601-737-2086 now to make an appointment.