"Hannah sold me over the phone, making sure I used them for my home inspection by not just giving me a quick 2 second quote (like the three inspectors before her did) but by going into detail what all their inspection entailed! The 3000 point list they had, the warranties, the guarantees, etc. then comes the inspection and "sit down meeting" meeting with David. Let me say I have NEVER had someone be so thorough with me about anything ever! He explained every single detail in that report to us. From what was a major fix to what was minor. There were a lot of things I didn't understand in the report when I first sat down. I walked away knowing EXACTLY what every single thing in that report meant. If you are looking for a home inspector these are the people to use. They are very affordable and worth every penny (if not more than what they charge) and you will know every detail about the inspection! Thank you so much Hannah and David for making this process so easy and comprehend-able! The best!"

"David and Hannah were very thorough and professional. David made our inspection very understandable and explained everything in such a way the the experience was extraordinary! If you don't use their service you paid too much and you would never get the proper information or the total package. they shared information about each and every defect and the code that back it up. They also explain why the code are there and how the came about and what they protect. Your family. I highly recommend their service."

"Mr. and Mrs. Moon did a phenomenal job thoroughly inspecting a home for my husband and me! I absolutely believe that they inspect every home as if they would be moving into it themselves... they DO NOT miss a thing!! I am thankful for the time they took with us, and they are my top recommendation for a home inspection service!"

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